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Edith W. Clowes

University of Virginia

Edith W. Clowes holds the Brown-Forman Chair in the Humanities in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Virginia, where she teaches Russian language, literature, and culture and Czech literature. Her primary research and teaching interests span the interactions between literature, philosophy, religion, and utopian thought. Author or editor of 15 books, multi-authored books, and special journal
numbers, Professor Clowes’ most recent book on Russian philosophical culture was Fiction’s Overcoat: Russian Literary Culture and the Question of Philosophy (Cornell). More recently, she has turned to the question of imagined geography and perceptions of space and place in contemporary Russian public discourse. Russia on the Edge: Imagined Geographies and Post-Soviet Identity (Cornell), an interdisciplinary study, appeared in 2011 and in Russian translation in 2020. In 2016 she and Latin-Americanist Shelly Jarrett Bromberg published Area Studies in the Global Age: Community, Place, Identity (Northern Illinois University Press), which is currently used in area studies courses in the US and Britain.

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